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Quran Memorization


About Quran Memorization

We have arranged online Hifz program for kids and adults (male and females) with our online Hafiz tutors. Our course is for all ages and genders. Some parents think that memorizing the Quran with the rules of Tajweed is very difficult. Obviously it’s not an easy task, there are more than six thousand verses in the Quran, but with help of our expert online Quran teachers your kid will be able to achieve the goal in an easy and way. Your kid have to concentrate on the lesson and it will gradually lead to the final destination.

Course Structure


  • Class Type: One-on-One
  • Class Duration: 30 minutes (recommended)
  • Age Level: Atleast 4 Years
  • Prerequisite: Quran Reading Course
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • Course Period: Depends upon student’s ability
  • Tutor: Online Private tutor
  • Gender: Both Male/Female
  • Languages: Urdu / English

What will I learn in Quran Memorization Course?

  • You will actually memorize complete Quran with correct pronunciation in Arabic accent.
  • You will be given new lesson for memorization daily.
  • Evaluation of the lesson given in the last week.
  • Consolidation of all old lessons.


Student is required to know how to read Arabic words. He/She must have completed Quran Reading once and must have knowledge of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. If you don’t know, You just need to go through Quran Reading Course first and then you can start Quran Memorization.

After going through this course, students become able to read the Holy Quran by heart with correct pronunciation. Get equipped with the learning of Quran from professional and qualified Quran tutors

Class Plans

Class Type: 1 on 1 Live Classes.
Class Duration: 60 Minutes each Session.

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