Huzaifa Islamic Academy


Huzaifa Free Online Classes Academy began teaching Quranic and Islamic teaching regularly in 2010.
Huzaifa Online Classes Academy is a department of Quranic education.
Which has been providing online Islamic and Quranic education to Muslim students around the world.
As a prestigious Online Classes Academy, we offer every online student an advanced online Quran and Islam education.
The purpose of our academy is to educate people online with good faith and the pleasure of Allah.
Our Academy is set up to teach the Holy Quran to all Muslims around the world.
Our institution has been established to teach all Quranic courses to Muslims around the world, especially Muslims of western Union.
We provide best facilities to all those who do not have access to read the Qur’an.
All students can schedule time on their own for classes.
We offer to the students residing in the USA، Australia, Canada, Japan, etc., to teach the Qur’an under the supervision of highly educated teachers.
Our teachers teach via Skype, BOTIM, imo, Viber and other Applications.